Upcoming Events

Click Here for the 2022-2023 School Calendar:   2022-2023 School Calendar.pdf 

Sept 21 - Biology Benchmark   Sept 22 - US History Benchmark

Sept 20 - 22 - Middle School Benchmark Tests

Sept 27 - Volleyball Senior Night

Oct 3 -7 - Fall Intercession

Oct 12 - PSAT

Oct 13 - Q1 Report Cards

Oct 13 - Herff Jones Information Sessions

Oct 9 - 10 thru 14 Spirit Week & Homecoming

Oct 20 - Herff Jones Orders 11 to 12:30


Click this link to start the enrollment process for your student that will be NEW to CFCS for the 2022-2023 school year:  https://forms.gle/akLeFSpyUiUtEyDE6

New students should: 1) Withdraw from their previous school 2) Fill out the above enrollment link 3) Provide CFCS with proof of residence


The parent/guardian of a returning CFCS student(s) should receive an email titled "Calhoun Falls Charter School Registration" that will allow them to complete the online registration process for 2022-2023.  This email was sent out on 7.21.22.  The link, specific to your student, was sent to the most recent email address we have on file.  If you have not received this email contact Mrs. Lindler at llindler@cfpcs.org or 864.418.8014.  If you received an email titled, "Charter Institute at Erskine Intent to Return" on 7.14.22, please disregard this email and complete the link found in the "Calhoun Falls Charter School Registration."  Online registration must be completed before students can pick up their schedules at registration on July 26. 

The mission of the Calhoun Falls Charter School is to provide the children and families of Calhoun Falls a safe and supportive learning environment where students are actively engaged in the educational process, develop strong leadership qualities and create an opportunity for the children and families of Calhoun Falls to leave behind a living legacy to future generations.